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LaHoChi Initiation


Lahochi is a very powerful energetic healing technique that is transmitted through the application of the hands. It brings, by this means, a very high frequency of the Light.

This initiation to Lahochi allows you to practice energetic healing on others, on yourself and on all living things (animal, mineral, vegetable).


Lahochi can be used alone or in combination with other healing systems.


Lahochi allows access to and integration of subtle healing energies at higher frequencies, opening up to multidimensional consciousness.

Lahochi restructures and balances the subtle bodies of the Self, particularly where there has been trauma in the emotional body.

Lahochi treatments can be delivered in a live session or remotely.

The practitioner has five specific basic positions where he places his hands on the body of the recipient.


They cover the head, torso, arms, hips and the leg and heart area. With practice, he learns to become a full channel, trusting his intuition, and allows himself to be guided to send healing energy to a specific area or areas on the patient.




Self-treatment with LaHoChi


Self-treatment is a very powerful tool for integrating the various information received during the initiation and for bringing about deep healing within oneself. It is a wonderful way to maintain a balanced state of health and consciousness and to self-treat on a regular basis, if you feel any type of imbalance, such as a sore throat or the onset of a virus or emotional upset, give yourself a self-treatment session using the four hand positions.





LaHoChi initiations at the Higher Chakras, specifically the 14th to 16th Chakras, located above the head, on the connection between the Heart and the Divine Source, help to anchor the Higher Self in physical reality.

The benefits of LaHoChi:

LaHoChi opens the 21 energy centres of the body or the meridian anatomy system.





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LaHoChi restores the energy field by repairing breaches, tears and damaged areas from a variety of influences including difficult birth, surgery, radiation, drugs, accidents, past and present life injuries, all types of trauma, environmental poisoning, negative programming and genetic tendencies.

 Introduces vibrations of colour and health.

 Enhances, in the etheric field, like an acupuncture treatment.

 Charges floral and mineral essences with vibrations.

 Balances the circulation of cranial fluid in the brain and balances the cerebral-spinal system.

 Opens the 21 energy centres of the body or the meridian anatomy system.

 Opens blockages in the subtle energy bodies.

 Opens and cleanses the chakra system.

 Re-aligns the body structure as a multi-dimensional grid system that holds the body together.

 Clears electrical blockages in the body's energy, similar to a network of links between the cellular memory and the physical body, so that information can flow freely.

 Expands the energy field.

 Places the divine memory in the outer layer of the energy field which will transmit the divine memory to the whole body.

 Places the divine memory in the etheric field for the purpose of healing imbalances.

 Activates the light body.

 Accelerates healing and spiritual gifts

 Allows the highest possible states of meditation or consciousness to be reached for each person in the present moment.


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Proposed procedure for a Lahochi distance learning course:


    After your registration, you will receive by email the manual as well as the certificate attesting your ability to use and transmit the Lahochi and all the related documents.

    You take the time to read the manual, please also note any questions that are not understandable.

    When you feel ready, we will arrange a first meeting, by (skype, and/or by phone), in order to answer any questions and to carry out the initiation.


The objective of this first meeting will be :

 To answer all your questions after reading and studying the manual,


 To carry out your distance energetic initiation, which in Lahochi can be done in person or at a distance without any difference. Note that the initiation can also be done during a next appointment. Indeed, to be able to practice Lahochi, it is necessary to go through an Initiation, that is to say, to receive a session by a person already initiated.

When you feel ready for the initiation, we will make an appointment. You will have to lie down, calmly, with your hands on your hips (iliac crests) along your body.

No jewellery or shoes. Stay relaxed and listen to the energies that will come to you.


The day after your initiation, you will have to undertake a daily self-treatment for 21 days* (lasting about 20 to 30 minutes per self-treatment), at any time of the day or even at bedtime. These self-treatments will allow you to prolong the work of your initiation. A deep cleansing will take effect, which will allow you to free yourself from your negative, repetitive patterns, emotional blockages that prevent you from liberating and realising your Supreme Being.

*Again, it is not essential or necessary to carry out self-treatments for 21 days after the initiation, because the integration period is over at the end of the initiation and if this is not the case, it will be seen immediately because the person will not feel well. So to sum up, it is a personal choice, and it is necessary to do it with soul and conscience, to trust and listen to what your heart and your feelings say, it is essential.

    In the meantime, you will practice self-treatments and if possible treatments on others (family members, friends etc...) (face to face and/or at a distance). Then, when you wish, we will agree on a second appointment to meet again so that I can answer all your practical questions.

    Follow-up and support are part of the training over time. Thus, we can plan other sessions by (Skype and/or telephone) according to your needs.


Additional information



You can make the payment of the training via my Bank Account Details in the tab Rates and Services in the vertical menu.


To learn about a remote energy system, you must be of legal age according to the laws in force in your country of residence. Any order implies full acceptance of this fact.

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