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Ferryman of souls


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Ferryman of souls


 We aren’t all born ferrymen of souls, nevertheless with time and experience, we can see developing in ourselves some capacities to feel or to see spirits.

Some mediums feel the presence of entities (deceased persons) or see them. Having a high vibratory rate, they emit a light that attracts these wandering souls. They approach with curiosity and understand that this luminous being can help and guide them.

The Ferryman of souls comes into contact with the entity and reassures her by telling her that what holds her will be settled. Love and benevolence lead him towards the path of light It opens a column of light (or other activation methods) that acts as an elevator, creates a passage or communicates by pipeline, and invites the soul to ascend, telling him that it will not be punished nor judged because God is love, that it must forgive itself and others, that it will be able to help much better its own people here below, being in the light, that it will be welcomed by a member of his family or by a guide, a divinity ... (the Ferryman of souls adapts to the beliefs of the deceased and the bereaved) The ferryman of souls asks the help of the angels s, archangels or any other deity, he never works alone and needs to ensure his protection.  The soul always has its free will and will choose to leave or not.


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The work of the ferryman of souls is a considerable task, which requires love and compassion. Given the times of current change, we must not underestimate the importance of this work, for many souls need its help to reach their luminous plane. And it is not uncommon to find that the cause of the problems or diseases declared in certain persons are caused by the presence of one or more souls. After they were released, they could quickly regain good health and a normal life. Certain diseases described as serious, incurable or orphan as well as personality disorders were in fact the consequence of the presence of lost souls clinging to them. However, do not conclude that this is always the case !!! However, it may be useful to acquire the knowledge to be able to check it especially when we exercise as conventional therapists or not. The reasons why disembodied souls persist in wanting to remain on earthly planes are numerous. In addition to the above, here are a few others:

• they do not know that they have died

• they do not believe there is life after death

• they may be in shock following a sudden death

• they feel a fear of what awaits them

• the sadness and sorrow of those close to them

• religious belief: hell / heaven therefore as I have sinned, I remain here rather than go to hell

• or totally atheist, I do not believe in angels or in God, what do I do

• fear of leaving loved ones or will to control their lives

• promise made during his lifetime, for example: I would always be there for you

• internal suffering, remorse, resentment, etc..

• ignorance, lack of correct knowledge,

• do not want to give up their terrestrial dependence: tobacco, alcohol,

• etc ...

Many peoples who help spirits now feel that many of our beloved departed continue to remain on Earth after leaving their physical vehicle instead of passing directly into the Light. Some have been there for centuries and do not even know that they have the choice to go into wonderful dimensions of peace and love where they will find all those whom they have loved and who have loved them through all their incarnations .


Passeur d ames


They are unaware that they disrupt incarnated humans in different ways:

• by pumping their energies, making them sick,

• by incorporating their bodies to continue living in order to continue enjoying the terrestrial pleasures (wine, alcohol, etc ...),

• by mingling with their lives by acting through them to help a loved one or take revenge, for example,

• by squatting their former place of life, believing that their belongings are still theirs , and thus remain attached to the house or the family flat, their car, their collections, etc.


What is a wandering soul? It is the spirit of a deceased person (or animal, a spirit of nature, etc.) that has remained on the earthly plane instead of going to the plane of Light for one reason or another. Being deprived of his own body, the wandering soul has no choice but to nourish itself with the energies of other incarnated persons.





            Even if it can be scary, don't be afraid of them! The souls won't hurt you, there are even some

            who don't know they're dead... they're just scared, they need us ( ferryman of souls ).


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