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Complete cleansing of the physical and energetic bodies


Complete cleansing of the physical and energetic bodies



This holistic cleansing protocol is very powerful and requires on the one hand deference and on the other hand a total presence.

in the present moment with a sense of well-being and faith in its effectiveness.

This care (cleaning) can be done at a distance as well as in person.


Course of a session

Each session begins with a short interview to allow you to explain your situation. This way, if you wish, you can share any important events in your life. 


First of all, I connect to my Higher Self, to my Divine Presence I Am! I set up a protection. Then, I ask for an intervention in favor of (First name and surname of the person).


I then invoke the forces of Light and all the benevolent spirits of the Universe concerned for a complete cleansing of your physical and energetic bodies.


I ask the Beings of Light of all the Celestial Hierarchies, your Celestial Guides, all the benevolent Spirits of nature and of the Universe to unite their forces to proceed to the complete cleansing and purification of your physical bodies, your energetic bodies, your Aura and all the planes of your Being.


Thanks to this care (cleansing), all covenants, oaths, vows, contracts and signatures made in this life and all others, in this Dimension and all others that bind you to other persons or entities and those that interfere with our personal evolution or that of others are broken and cancelled forever.


This treatment also unblocks, harmonizes and realigns all the chakras.


It also eliminates all acts of black magic without exception that have been put in place against you and/or your loved ones.


The goal of this cleansing, makes that your whole being is harmonised and healed.


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