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The seven Chakras the seven subtle bodies



Chakra lumiere bouge



Energy care:                         



                                     and Harmonisation                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                      of the  





 A chakra is an energy centre called an energy wheel. The word chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel. ... We have 7 main chakras and thousands of secondary chakras throughout the body connected by hundreds of thousands of circuits called << The Nadis >>. (see the Nadis in the menu on the right)

Our 7 chakras are like mini vortexes that are responsible for circulating the energy in the 3 levels of our body (low, middle and high).

Silhouette chakras

The drawing above is from the excellent Chakras Handbook by Shalila Sharamon and Bodo Baginski. It shows very well the etheric body, and the position of the 7 main chakras: 5 horizontal and two vertical.


Reloading and Harmonization of the 7 chakras by the colors


7 chakras and 7 colors to be in harmony

Circuits energetiques

The energy of white light penetrates our aura by breaking down into seven colors that penetrate into each of our energy centre, our seven chakras.  Each color energy fulfills a specific function in the body and is related to a chakra. The powerful vibrations emitted by the colors have a regulating effect on our organism. Each chakra vibrates on the frequency of a particular color. The vibratory energy of this color stimulating its chakra, creates an endocrine reaction and acts on our cells. This action is both physical and psychic.

The correspondences between the 7 chakras and the 7 colors are as follows:

1st chakra: root chakra = red 

2nd chakra: sacred or Sacral chakra = orange 

3rd chakra: solar or Navel chakra = yellow 

4th chakra: heart  chakra = green  

5th chakra: laryngeal or Throat chakra = blue  

6th chakra: frontal or Third Eye chakra = indigo  

7th chakra: coronal or Crown chakra = purple  

                                                     Les 7chakras 300x300

                                                                          Colors of Chakras


Effect of colors on the chakras


- 1 The red and chakra root Muladhara chakra red  

 Red stimulates vital energy, rooting to the ground, having feet on the ground, the relationship to concrete, equipment, money. It stimulates dynamism. Red warms and promotes circulation and stimulates sexuality. It gives vitality and courage.


- 2 The orange and the sacred chakra Svadhisthana chakra  orange

The second chakra, the sacred chakra is energized by the orange. Orange continues to stimulate this vital force by toning organs, glands and sexual functions. It allows the abandonment of blocked emotions. A bright orange can encourage to be more positive, more dynamic and more courageous. It promotes a good opinion of oneself and develops the pleasures of the senses.


- 3 The yellow and the solar chakra Manipura chakra yellow   

 Yellow helps digestion and stimulates appetite. It is related to emotions and fears. This color helps us radiate joy of life and good mood. The solar plexus is the place of concentration and redistribution of energies: it allows us to digest the vital energies of the first chakras, to better redistribute them.


- 4 The green and the chakra of the heart Anahata green chakra  

 Green is a soothing color that conveys: harmony, love, friendship, sympathy. This a soothing and soothing color that connects us to nature and opens us to others. Green purifies and regenerates.


- 5 The blue and throat chakra Vishuddha chakra  blue

The blue of the celestial vault provides calm, peace and calm tensions. It soothes irritation and inflammation of the throat. It can bring confidence and enable better expression, better communication.


- 6 indigo and Ajna indigo chakra frontal chakra  indigo

 Indigo promotes intuition, elevation of consciousness and concentration. Indigo blue has a favorable effect on sinusitis, eyestrain or headaches.


- 7 purple and chakra crown Sahasrara purple chakra  purple

 Purple awakens the cosmic consciousness. He opens the being to the spiritual dimensions. He delivers limitations of consciousness. He brings serenity and delivers fear related to ignorance.


Our energy system is composed of: 7 main plans

 Universe or energetic dimensions on which we will work in magnetism; in dowsing or spirituality ....


 Our own appearance is not limited only to our carnal envelope. We also have an energy envelope made up of 7 subtle bodies that are intertwined and overlap each other.

More precisely and in order:

  1. The physical body contains the etheric body,
  2. the etheric body overflows from the physical body and interpenetrates the astral body,
  3. the astral body interpenetrates the mental body,
  4. the mental body interpenetrates the causal body,
  5. the causal body interpenetrates the Buddhist body,
  6. and finally, the Buddhist body interpenetrates the atmic body.

All these different bodies interpenetrate each other at the same time as they interpenetrate the physical body.

Each body vibrates at its own frequency, the physical body being the one with the lowest vibrations. The further away from the physical body the following bodies are, the higher their vibrations are.


The physical body

The body of experiences.

It is the vehicle of our soul to come and experience life's events on this earth. This physical body must be maintained in order to be able to use and maintain in good condition the other energetic bodies. It is the seat of the aura and the chakras and it is connected more particularly to the 1st chakra, the root chakra.

The physical body is made up of dense matter and is therefore in relation to the following bodies the one that vibrates most slowly.

The further away from the physical body are the following subtle bodies, the faster they vibrate.


The etheric body

The body of life.

It is also called the vital body.

It is the first body made up of subtle matter, the closest to the physical body. It is semi-material. It encompasses, penetrates and overflows the physical body by a few centimetres. It faithfully follows the shape of the body.

It is the etheric body that animates the physical body. Without him the body would be lifeless. It ensures the activity of vital functions and energy exchanges at the level of the various subtle bodies. It is in this subtle body that the meridians, energy channels, and chakras are found, which capture cosmic-telluric energies and redistribute them in all bodies.

For those who can see it, its colour ranges from grey to bluish grey and even sometimes to bright blue.

Its appearance reflects the state of health of the physical body.

It is connected to the 2nd chakra, the sacred chakra.


The astral body

The emotional body.

This body contains all our emotions, desires, passions, moods, joys and sorrows. Its color is not constant and changes continuously according to our emotions of the moment.

It is also with this subtle body that we travel in our dreams. It allows you to move in the astral planes.

It is connected to the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus chakra.


The mental body

The body of thought.

It is the seat of the intellect, of all our thoughts, of our primary consciousness. Its condition depends on the quality of the latter and on our spiritual evolution. It shapes our personality. It is with this body that we can also do creative visualization.

It is represented on the old paintings by a halo of light around the head.

It is in the mental body that we find what are called sensory perception tubes. Those located at the head level allow to experience clairvoyance, clairaudience and clair-olfaction. Other tubes placed on both hands allow you to feel the energies.

The mental body is divided into 2 distinct parts:

the lower mental body (in relation to the astral body) and the higher mental body (in relation to the causal body).

The lower mental body: reasoning through logic, it appeals to the personality, to the ego and is influenced by its knowledge, its achievements and its emotions.

The higher mental body: access to intuition, innate and creative ideas. Thoughts that come from the mind and the divine.

The colour of the mental body is most often yellow.

The mental body is connected to the heart chakra.


The causal body

The body of distant memory

It is here that we store the memory of all our past lives, our past experiences, and the achievements in our present life. All our past traumas are recorded here and can affect our present life. Also shown here is the cause of our current reincarnation, the goals and missions we are set to experience in this life. This body therefore allows access to the Akashic records.

It is the seat of the higher consciousness.

It is connected to the laryngeal chakra.


The Buddhist body

The body of knowledge

This body, rarely formed in the majority of people, is found only in saints or people who have attained a high spirituality.

It allows spiritual enlightenment, total knowledge of all things and to reach divine consciousness.

This body allows us to communicate with our spiritual guides and angels.

It is connected to the frontal chakra.


The atmic body

The body of cosmic consciousness

This body, also called the divine body, is the seat of cosmic consciousness. At this stage, we have completed the cycle of reincarnations. We are one with the universe and part of God's consciousness. It is connected to the coronal chakra.

Each of these subtle bodies corresponds to different planes of consciousness that are accessible through our chakras.



           Our 7 chakras are like mini vortexes that are responsible for circulating the energy in the 3 levels

                                     of our body (low, middle and high).

          The circulation of energy in our body is important, if there is a block at a level, it can

                                     lead to weaknesses and diseases ....

                             Appropriate energy care can restore this balance.

            Working on our chakras and their colors allows to Align, Reload, Clean, Rebalance

              and Harmonize them (by breathing, feeling by hands, sounds and visualization).

          The direction of rotation of the chakras may be different from one person to another

                     (to be tested beforehand pendulum before working on this one).





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