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 A chakra is an energy centre called an energy wheel. The word chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel. ... We have 7 main chakras and thousands of secondary chakras throughout the body connected by hundreds of thousands of circuits called << The Nadis >>. (see the Nadis in the menu on the right)

Our 7 chakras are like mini vortexes that are responsible for circulating the energy in the 3 levels of our body (low, middle and high).

Silhouette chakras

The drawing above is from the excellent Chakras Handbook by Shalila Sharamon and Bodo Baginski. It shows very well the etheric body, and the position of the 7 main chakras: 5 horizontal and two vertical.


Reloading and Harmonization of the 7 chakras by the colors


7 chakras and 7 colors to be in harmony

Circuits energetiques

The energy of white light penetrates our aura by breaking down into seven colors that penetrate into each of our energy centre, our seven chakras.  Each color energy fulfills a specific function in the body and is related to a chakra. The powerful vibrations emitted by the colors have a regulating effect on our organism. Each chakra vibrates on the frequency of a particular color. The vibratory energy of this color stimulating its chakra, creates an endocrine reaction and acts on our cells. This action is both physical and psychic.

The correspondences between the 7 chakras and the 7 colors are as follows:

1st chakra: root chakra = red rouge

2nd chakra: sacred or Sacral chakra = orange orange

3rd chakra: solar or Navel chakra = yellow jaune

4th chakra: heart  chakra = green  vert

5th chakra: laryngeal or Throat chakra = blue  bleu+03

6th chakra: frontal or Third Eye chakra = indigo  bleu+indigo

7th chakra: coronal or Crown chakra = purple  violet

                                                     Les 7chakras 300x300

                                                                          Colors of Chakras


Effect of colors on the chakras


- 1 The red and chakra root Muladhara chakra red rouge

 Red stimulates vital energy, rooting to the ground, having feet on the ground, the relationship to concrete, equipment, money. It stimulates dynamism. Red warms and promotes circulation and stimulates sexuality. It gives vitality and courage.


- 2 The orange and the sacred chakra Svadhisthana chakra orange 

The second chakra, the sacred chakra is energized by the orange. Orange continues to stimulate this vital force by toning organs, glands and sexual functions. It allows the abandonment of blocked emotions. A bright orange can encourage to be more positive, more dynamic and more courageous. It promotes a good opinion of oneself and develops the pleasures of the senses.


- 3 The yellow and the solar chakra Manipura chakra yellow  jaune

 Yellow helps digestion and stimulates appetite. It is related to emotions and fears. This color helps us radiate joy of life and good mood. The solar plexus is the place of concentration and redistribution of energies: it allows us to digest the vital energies of the first chakras, to better redistribute them.


- 4 The green and the chakra of the heart Anahata green chakra  vert

 Green is a soothing color that conveys: harmony, love, friendship, sympathy. This a soothing and soothing color that connects us to nature and opens us to others. Green purifies and regenerates.


- 5 The blue and throat chakra Vishuddha chakra  bleu+03

The blue of the celestial vault provides calm, peace and calm tensions. It soothes irritation and inflammation of the throat. It can bring confidence and enable better expression, better communication.


- 6 indigo and Ajna indigo chakra frontal chakra  bleu+indigo

 Indigo promotes intuition, elevation of consciousness and concentration. Indigo blue has a favorable effect on sinusitis, eyestrain or headaches.


- 7 purple and chakra crown Sahasrara purple chakra violet

 Purple awakens the cosmic consciousness. He opens the being to the spiritual dimensions. He delivers limitations of consciousness. He brings serenity and delivers fear related to ignorance.


Our energy system is composed of: 7 main plans

 Universe or energetic dimensions on which we will work in magnetism; in dowsing or spirituality ....


 7 subtle bodies


1) the physical body:

 Vehicle of the soul


2) the etheric body:

 Called Aura health


3) the astral or emotional body:

 It is made of attractions and repulsions generating all sorts of desires or fears; The disturbances on this plan will create disturbances in the physical body


4) the mental body:

 Its function is to capture the universal truths from the spiritual plane to integrate them into the rational mind in order to adapt them to the concrete situations of life.  Do not let yourself be dominated by your mind 


5) the causal body:

 It is the receptacle of all experiences lived during our previous lives or karma; by consciously accessing the causal plane, we will be able to understand the events of our lives and transform them  Meditation plan; astral travel  


6) the Buddhist plan:

 It is the supra-mental level that governs the connections and relationships between all things, the central computer that manages everything, the Nirvana  


7) Divine plane or atmic plane:

 Unity with everything; Universal consciousness, Awakening, God

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           Our 7 chakras are like mini vortexes that are responsible for circulating the energy in the 3 levels

                                     of our body (low, middle and high).

          The circulation of energy in our body is important, if there is a block at a level, it can

                                     lead to weaknesses and diseases ....

                             Appropriate energy care can restore this balance.

            Working on our chakras and their colors allows to Align, Reload, Clean, Rebalance

              and Harmonize them (by breathing, feeling by hands, sounds and visualization).

          The direction of rotation of the chakras may be different from one person to another

                     (to be tested beforehand pendulum before working on this one).




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