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The Nadis


The NADIS - word of Sanskrit origin - are energetic channels in which circulates the Prana (or Vital Energy) according to very complex rules, taking into account the hours, solar and lunar movements and the particular state of each being. human.
nadis NADIS: energy ships

  Some are specific to Yin and others to Yang. They intertwine to allow the energy to circulate freely, and at certain points of contact, exchange between these vessels energetic, undergo the successive transformations and interactions that will create the whole dynamic of the whole. Ayurvedic medicine called them nadis, and symbolically fixed their number at 72,000. That would be a little long to consider. They form a tight lattice that ensures the morphogenesis of all the elements of the body, from the organ to the entire organism.

The clever Chinese doctors have grouped them into packs, in quanta of 6,000 nadis, realizing the image of the acupuncture meridians, on which the points are the places of transformation and energy distribution. Appendices, extensions, antennas of the morphogenetic fields of the organs of which they bear the name, be it the liver, the large intestine or the spleen, they represent already a globalization of the operations. We must avoid getting lost in a sum of unnecessary and contradictory little details of pathology because they refer to energy concepts, which should not be assimilated to Western concepts related to the same terms. 

Each organ-mother, which should not be confused with the organ known in Western anatomo-physiology, is attached to a more general functional aspect, including the body, the psyche and the unconscious part of the Being, the ancestral energies which modulate our behavior and our reactions to the outside. 

At the intersection of 21 nadis is formed a main chakra.

At the intersection of 14 nadis a secondary chakra is formed.

At the intersection of 7 nadis is formed a tertiary chakra or acupuncture point, located on the path of the meridians. 

nadis The 3 important nadis


It is possible to go even further in the globalization of nadis. It is the step taken by Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine that consider 3 important nadis, directly related to the 7 main chakras:

• Ida

• Pingala

• Sushumna

The two lateral nadis: Ida and Pingala thus surround Sushumna and intersect each other at the level of each of the main chakras, where are the nodes that the energy must dissolve during its ascent. They are located on the path of the spine and the head and represent the subtle counterpart of ganglia of the sympathetic nervous system. 

To understand the energy functioning of the human being, it is necessary to know these 3 important nadis.

Ida : 




Plots of the Nadis of the head, used in Egyptian-Essenian therapy.

Yin energy channel, it governs mental strength, psychic and extrasensory perceptions. Stimulates creative, artistic activities, processes information and controls orientation in space. Represents our subconscious, frees fears and feelings of guilt. Ida corresponds to the moon. It represents the feminine element, which symbolizes the Woman. Ida is the feminine side of the personality and all the forces and functions connected with it, the mother, the influence that she represents and the relationship with her, whether it is the inheritance that she has transmitted, the relation to she, the principles according to which she participated in our education and our structuration. His energy is cold, ascending and blue in color. Ida is in relation with the Elements EARTH and WATER.


Ida starts from the base of the spine, at the right end of the coccyx (perineal region), and ends in the left nostril. It carries Prâna lunar and ascendant (Prâna). 

Qualities :

Ida influences the parasympathetic nervous system which transmits the impulses to the organs to stimulate their functioning. Through her right brain irrigation, Ida is responsible for psychic and extrasensory perceptions. It stimulates creative, artistic activities, processes information and controls orientation in space. Its cold energy helps to lower the body temperature. In her harmonious function, Ida, who represents our subconscious, frees fears and feelings of guilt. 


We encounter ignorance, laziness, a passive mind turned towards the past, as well as all the negative emotional aspects.

To shut oneself up in silence, to doubt without being able to take action, to remain dependent on family, social or personal conditioning ... All these states reflect the imbalance of the Ida channel. His pathology is manifested by psychic and mental disorders such as certain depressions, certain forms of epilepsy, senility considered as the culmination of a long imbalance ... It should be known that any excessive physical or mental activity, paralyze the emotional side, so Ida, which can cause serious diseases.




Plots of Nadis and chakras, used in Egyptian-Essenian therapy

Pingala is the Yang energy channel, it governs physical strength.  In relation to the sympathetic nervous system, it stimulates the muscular activity (releasing adrenaline).  Pingala controls the heartbeat, activates the physical body and directs consciousness to the outside world.  Pingala is the sun.  It represents the masculine principle, the symbol of Man, of the father, of the hereditary and educational influences coming from him and all that he can represent in our development.  Stimulates muscle activity (releasing adrenaline)  Controls the heart rate, activates the physical body and directs the consciousness to the outside world  Its energy is solar, hot, dynamic, downy and red.  The elements concerned by Pingala are FIRE and AIR.


Pingala starts from the right nostril and ends at the base of the spine (perineal region) at the left end of the coccyx. He carries solar and descending Prana (Apana).

Qualities :

Connected to the left hemisphere, Pingala is responsible for reasoning, analysis and logic.  Its warm energy allows to increase the heat of the body and controls the digestive energy.  Pingala governs the energy through which we work and act.


On the physical plane, we encounter hot-type diseases. So essentially acute inflammatory diseases and some heart and digestive disorders.  These disorders can translate an excess of the EGO to the detriment of the SOI.  On a psychological level, Pingala's imbalances engender a domineering, selfish, angry, aggressive and materialistic spirit. Treacherous, unscrupulous people live in excess on this nadis.


Fonctions :


Represents the unconscious, it constitutes the supra mental, the abolition of the dualities, the awakening.  Awakening of intellectual and spiritual faculties.  Nadis resulting, it is on him that are located the 7 main chakras. If the other two are our first references, our components, our bases, only Sushumna represents the result, represents us. Its progressive construction is our personal development.


 Sushumna is centrally located, equidistant from the other two, in the axial canal in front of the spine. The axis that can grow right only in harmony and balance of influences of the other two.  This central nadis is located inside the spine and corresponds to the spinal cord. Allowing the relationship of the chakras between them, it starts from the end of the coccyx and ends in the cervical cavity, at the Brahma hole. Sushumna is the most important channel Its energy is neutral: it is the axis of Life and Sensibility.  Without confusing it with the central nervous system or cerebrospinal system, it would be in relation with this one.  It is through him that the Kundalini - that is, the latent spiritual energy, or divine power - rises in the form of a coiled snake. The Kundalini, which is in each individual, can be awakened or animated by breathing exercises, by the evolution of consciousness, or by various energetic techniques. The techniques (of Tantric origin) of breath control (Swara Yoga) or dynamics of the breath (Pranayama) allow to activate this channel and to awaken the intellectual and spiritual faculties.  But in Swara Yoga, the adepts are warned: Indeed, if the spiritual faculties wake up, the criminal tendencies can also manifest themselves. So Sushumna can be active both among yogis in deep meditation and among terrorists and criminals!


Like the Caduceus of Hermes, the two lateral nadis (Ida and Pingala) thus surround Sushumna, straight up from the earth to the sky, from their spiral and intertwine in particular at the level of each of the main chakras where the nodes are that the energy must dissolve during its ascent. They are located on the path of the spine and the head and represent the subtle counterpart of ganglia of the sympathetic nervous system.

This spiral progression, such as caduceus, is the representation of man built, harmonized, perfect channel of energies, accomplished, having grown progressively, patiently, in total harmony between his masculine and feminine references, between father and mother, taking advantage qualities and possibilities of one and the other.These possibilities are of several orders: hereditary, physical, psychic, and also all the archives stored in the unconscious bequeathed by our parents and the lineages that preceded them. I must point out that in all well-interpreted traditions, the snake, far from being a hideous and demonic animal, represents the symbol of consciousness, consciousness, lunar, intuitive and symbolic in Ida Nadi, solar, inductive and conceptual in Pingala Nadi. Our harmony results from the judicious and balanced use of both. Vitality and purification of nadis.

In the vast majority of humans, only a small fraction of the available energy flows in these three nadis and the seven major chakras. To awaken this subtle energy by breathing, by the evolution of consciousness, or by various energetic techniques (Reiki, Qi Gong, Yoga, Essene Care ...) allows its current to flow into these centers by activating them. The purification of nadis is essential since it ensures the circulation of Prana. Indeed, any blocking of the vital energy in the nadis, or meridians, can result in organic and mental diseases. If the circulation is weakened or blocked, the individual experiences the abandonment, the anguish, the fear ... and searches in the outside world what is in him. Specific energy treatments, such as those taught in the Essene or Egyptian-Essene Care approach, are very effective in revitalizing and toning nadis. The purification of nadis by specific breaths is the first and most important exercise for yogis. It regulates the whole life and balances the human being. Also yoga exercises work, in the same way as acupuncture, in the direction of purification and strengthening of nadis. Pranayamas, breathing techniques of yoga, help the circulation and balance of energy. As a result, he increases the blockage of the chakras, inhibits his emotions and compensates for his frustrations by an exaggerated flight into activities or negative behavior.Remember that unresolved emotional experiences are stored in physical death and manifest themselves in a subsequent incarnation. They will partly determine the circumstances in which we re-born.

The Prana

The Prana connects man to the cosmos: it is the subtle substance, or vital energy, which exists within each thing and which penetrates in it mainly by the breaths and secondarily by the food. He travels along the nadis, which lead him: in the chakras he is going to vivify, in the organs of the senses that he is going to feed (each of them having a nadis connecting him to the brain and the subtle body with which he is related).



This penetration into the subtle bodies is by the two nostrils for Ida and Pingala, by the cervical cavity for Sushumna. These energies thus penetrate the human being, feeding the two chakras of the head first, then traveling along the subtle channels, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, and feeding in turn the chakras on the path of the spine and the relay chakras that activate the main organs of the body as a whole. In the usual time, the polarized energy borrows the two lateral paths Ida and Pingala, each carrying a Prana differently polarized: negative on the left (Ida) and positive on the right (Pingala).  Ida and Pingala do not communicate with each other but when they neutralize each other in the Muladhara root chakra, the energy can no longer circulate in the sideways, it will have to take the middle way of Sushumna ... and it will be along from the Sushumna ride that the Kundalini fires will go up and down when the follower reaches a certain degree of purity and awakening. These 3 major nadis will therefore have to be cleansed of karmic residues before the Akashic current of Sushumna can serve as a channel for life in its totality, welcoming both the influx of descending Spiritual Life and the already existing and static Life. To obtain the release of the Ida Lunar Canal, the beginner must purify his blood by a healthy diet and a strict lifestyle. He will also have to discipline his emotional body, his body of desire and sensation. To obtain the release of the Solar Canal Pingala, he will have to purify his thoughts and actions. He will thus discipline his mental body.


Jean-Paul Thouny

Thérapeute énergéticien, Voiron (Isère) France


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