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Energy healing

  • Ferryman of souls

    The ferryman of souls comes into contact with the entity and reassures her by saying that what holds her will be settled. Love and benevolence bring him to the path of light
  • LaHoChi

    Lahochi is a very powerful energetic care technique transmitted by the application of hands. It brings, through this, a very high frequency of the Light.
  • Access Bars

    It is to activate by a soft touch, 32 points located on the skull. These 32 points activate electromagnetic connections called bars. These bars contain our programs, that is, all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and considerations that have been stored since the beginning of our lives and the generations that pre
  • The seven Chakras the seven subtle bodies

    Our 7 chakras are like mini vortexes that are responsible for circulating the energy in the 3 levels of our body (low, middle and high). The energy of the white light penetrates our aura by breaking down into seven colors that penetrate in each of our energy centers, our seven chakras. Each color energy fulfills a spec