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Possession, Uninvolvement, Black Magic:



     Possession, Uninvolvement, Black Magic: 


Bewitchment and its symptoms, (note that this list is not exhaustive)


    A bewitchment can manifest itself by insomnia and a lot of fatigue.
    It can also be a sign of failures affecting all areas of life, obstacles, blockages that will often make it very difficult to evolve in professional life, love life, studies, projects, administrative papers, etc....
    It can also infest a place of residence or work.
    Illnesses that occur suddenly without a medical explanation.
    Changes such as amplification of problems and/or events as the full moon approaches.
    Bewitchment can make certain dark entities appear during an invoking for example a black magic ritual directed against a person (besides, some of them can cling to the person, particularly on the solar chakra, on the back at the level of the shoulder blades as well as in the stomach).
    They can also get into places, this phenomenon can also be associated with a phenomenon called haunted place.


    I always carry out a complete cleaning of the physical and energetic bodies after each work of de-involvement.

    I act on any kind of bewitchment for the liberation of the person: Possession, black magic, evil eye...



Signs which can alert:

In the first place, it is essential to be able to remove any relation about possible medical problems before talking about energetic interference.

However, here below are some signs that I have noticed during my experiences of removals:

    Thoughts that do not belong to us.
    Anxiety that one can feel at the level of the third chakra as well as at the fifth chakra that of the throat.
    Feelings of not being oneself anymore
    Nausea, fatigue (chronic), aggressiveness, headaches (migraine), tremors etc...


Types of parasites :

Before going further, a brief description of what a wandering soul, an entity and a spirit attached to the Earth is.

What is a wandering soul? It is the spirit of a deceased person (or an animal, a nature spirit, etc...) who has remained on the earth plane instead of going to the corresponding plane of Light for one reason or another. Being deprived of its own body, the wandering soul has no choice but to feed on the energies of other incarnated persons.

What is an entity? I will speak only of entities often qualified as negative, dark, or even evil according to popular or religious belief. They are thought forms created by humans as a result of their negative emanations and creations: thoughts, feelings, judgments, emotions, actions, words, etc... in short, everything that comes from the mind.

These thought forms end up generating an energetic body that needs to feed on human energies via the ego-mind that directs them to maintain the suffering bodies of people and animals. They are specialized: for example, the fear entity, the anger entity, the depression entity, etc...

Some of them are our familiar entities that sustain themselves from our negativity regularly fed by our mind.

Other dark entities are called << Demons >> , darkness, I leave the choice of the term to you. They are also created by the human mind, but reinforced by magical acts. In some cases, they are even wandering souls used by humans practicing black magic, witchcraft, maraboutage ... these cases are rare I reassure you but they exist anyway.

What is a spirit attached to the Earth:

As a reminder, this term borrowed from our dear Doreen Virtue, famous author, renowned for her work with the Angels, includes wandering souls, but also negative entities and spirits of nature disqualified by humans.

(Source: Manuel du passeur d'âmes by Roland AUER)


In principle, and I do say "in principle", the parasites are due to the presence of disembodied entities. But not only, indeed, they (the parasitages) can also come from negative projections, (voluntarily or involuntarily, conscious or unconscious), jealousy, desires, negative thought forms created by ourselves following our emanations and our negative creations: thoughts, feelings, judgments, emotions, acts, words, etc... and that can be very prejudicial for the person(s) receiving these parasitages,

Being a Ferryman of soul , I often meet during my work of souls raising, souls and/or negative entities (or not), stuck on people, I therefore ask these souls if they want to join the plan which corresponds to them, I say well, ( if they want to) because sometimes they answer me by the negative, indeed, these last ones are known under the name ( of recalcitrant souls) 

To these souls, I ask the Beings of Light to place them on a waiting plane, which forces the soul to leave the Earth plane whether it wants to or not. This is necessary in order to free both the consultant and the deceased, who once on the other side can continue his evolution.  

The purpose of disenchantment is to remove the occult work(s) causing the enchantment. Negative entities, energy pollution and other nuisances are created by these occult works in order to manipulate or even destroy the bewitched. If nothing is done, blockages, illnesses etc... can develop and take root in the life of the bewitched and therefore, the more difficult the life of the bewitched will become to live.or even in some cases impossible to live, hence the suicides.

A disenvolvement thus removes the causes of blockages.

 A bewitchment manifests itself by insomnia and fatigue, if the bewitched person manages to sleep, he or she will often have a very light sleep, which will be accompanied by night fears and nightmares. They will often be exhausted or even tense when they wake up.

- Repeated failures in all areas of life is THE sign of a spell. Life is continually blocked. Not to mention the obstacles that accumulate and fatigue, everything becomes more and more insurmountable.

- Another symptom of the bewitchment is the relational blockage, which often makes very difficult any evolution of the professional life, love life,... Any relationship with others is made complicated.

A bewitchment can sometimes cause a significant weight gain or a total loss of appetite or even major food problems.

- Other symptoms may vary depending on the envy that has been made.



If an evil spirit takes control of a person and their body, it is a possession. Usually the victim does not realize the presence of the negative entity. However, there are several ways to tell if one is affected by a possession.

 There are signs that do not deceive when one is affected by a possession. Indeed, the body of the person is controlled, partially or totally by the entity, one will note that the affected person will behave in an unusual way, an attitude most of the time virulent or even aggressive, consequently, the entity will manifest its negativity through the body of the bewitched acting as a vessel.

Note that possession is undeniable when the victim often behaves in an abnormal or dramatic manner.

Possession is even less obvious to detect, in fact, sometimes certain symptoms are more subtle, hence the difficulty to get out of it. The evil spirit being evil and unhealthy, it will prevent its victim from exercising spirituality in order to weaken it even more. He will thus succeed in satisfying his own desires, abandoning his troubled and confused victim. In these cases, an exorcism session is desirable in order to free the victim from this diabolical impostor.

Sometimes, the exorcist will use drastic methods to get rid of them, as the evil spirit will be very recalcitrant,


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