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General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use (GTC-UGC)



Alain JUMEL offers energetic care

The site En route sur le chemin de l'éveil is edited by :

Alain JUMEL with the status Auto-entrepreneur micro-enterprise, whose head office is located at the following address: 6 rue de Paris, 92190 Meudon, with the SIRET N°: 534 794 474 00013.

The director of publication of the site is: Mr. Alain JUMEL.

The site http://www.enroutesurlechemindeleveil.fr/ is hosted by :

Host :SARL E-monsite, 19, rue Lamartine 80000 Amiens, France

The present have for object to fix the rules which govern the contractual relations between Alain JUMEL on the one hand and on the other hand the consultant who carries out a purchase/appointment of service provision via the site http://www.enroutesurlechemindeleveil.fr/.

The present general conditions of sale apply to any request for consultation and appointment which would result from it passed by private individuals acting, on a purely personal basis, as consumers with Alain JUMEL on his Internet site accessible at the following address http://www.enroutesurlechemindeleveil.fr/.

The present GCS are likely to be modified at any time by Alain JUMEL. It is up to the customer to consult them and to accept them formally before any request for appointment.

Appointment booking and consultations

Any request for consultation and agreement of appointments made with Alain JUMEL implies the full, unreserved and unconditional acceptance of the GCS in force at the date of the said order.

Any request for consultation is made

Via the appointment booking form : http://www.enroutesurlechemindeleveil.fr/

The request for a consultation with Alain JUMEL implies the acceptance without reserve of the present General Conditions of Sale on behalf of the consultant, described above and below and of which he was able to take knowledge beforehand before passing any request for a consultation.

Alain JUMEL reserves the right to refuse a request for consultation and will give explanation to the Consultant.

The Consultant accepts the General Conditions of Sale by validating his request for consultation and the resulting appointment, in the manner described below.

These General Conditions of Sale apply throughout the French territory.

In the event of litigation to be solved in front of justice, the competent court will be that of the residence of the registered office of Alain JUMEL, the parts agree that the contract concluded with the consultant is subjected to the French law.

Name Consultant

When ordering a consultation, the consultant certifies that he is a natural person of full age, has legal capacity and is not subject to a protective measure such as guardianship, curatorship or safeguarding of justice.

The consultant also certifies to have his free consent, to fill in good faith the forms and to answer the questions envisaged by Alain JUMEL allowing thus to carry out one of the three care proposed by Alain JUMEL.

The consultant must guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the information he provides to Alain JUMEL and must have the legal capacity to contract and use a website.

Price of services / consultations

The offers of consultations are valid as long as they are visible on the site.

The rates presented are subject to change at any time.

The consultant understands and accepts and in their totality, the general terms and conditions of sale as well as the tariff conditions, when he makes his request for consultation. The availability of the consultations is fixed by appointment.

Cancellation of appointment

Alain JUMEL informs the consultant that this one has a right of modification and cancellation of his appointment in the 24H preceding this one but beyond, the consultation will be due.

Methods of payment

At the time of his order, the Customer makes the payment by credit card. The secure online payment is made by the payment provider "PAYPAL" by the Seller. The information transmitted is encrypted in the rules of art and can not be read during the transfer on the PAYPAL network. Once the payment is validated by the Customer, the transaction is immediately debited after verification of the information.

The prices of the consultations are indicated in net and in Euros.

Intellectual Property and Data Confidentiality

Confidentiality and data protection are protected but Alain JUMEL does not guarantee the impossibility of an attack by a computer virus.

It does not grant any right to the consultant on the contents and the intellectual property rights of the website http://www.enroutesurlechemindeleveil.fr/.

Any installation of hypertext links to the website must be subject to prior written agreement with Alain JUMEL.

Any unauthorized use of the content of the website and intellectual property rights is liable to prosecution.

The file named "Cookie" which archives your personal information in code form does not constitute any data likely to identify you personally in any way whatsoever. This file is archived in your computer at the location required by your computer.

The contents of this site (structure, design, text, image, animation, logo) are the exclusive property of the person responsible for the publication. Any total or partial representation of this site is subject to his prior written and express authorization.

Energy Care

Alain JUMEL undertakes to implement all the means at his disposal for the realization of the proposed service without however guaranteeing the result. Each consultation must be considered as the will to find an advice from the consultant while keeping the exercise of his free will, his capacity to receive and his will to change.

Respect for others and ethics

The consultant and Alain JUMEL are bound by a duty of courtesy and undertakes not to make abusive, defamatory or contrary comments or good morals towards anyone and undertakes, in a non-exhaustive way, that no data transmitted contains paedophilic characters, or incites to hatred and violence, racism, crime, delict, suicide, acts of terrorism, theft, degradation or deterioration, must not apologize for crimes against humanity, war crimes, must not incite discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons because of their origin, ethnicity, nation, religion that may in any way whatsoever harm the honor and consideration of a person, their security, and their privacy, as well as the image of a third party.

In no case, the contents or the exchange provided between Alain JUMEL and the consultant can substitute for legal, medical, psychological advice given by a professional. If you suffer from a chronic disease, psychological instability or are confronted with particular problems, in particular legal and judicial problems, please consult as soon as possible a professional adapted to your disease, disorder or problem.

Consultation services

Alain JUMEL is independent, he consults personally without any subordination link with an intermediary. As a result, he is free to practice his profession according to his personal functioning (supports of clairvoyance, individual sensitivity, knowledge etc.) and his availability. It is held that to the respect of the General Conditions of Services of the site.  Of this fact Alain JUMEL must respect a precise ethical and deontological charter.

Alain JUMEL refrains from guaranteeing a result or the accuracy of his answers, interpretations or predictions.

Alain JUMEL refrains from judging the customers and does not carry out any selection among them.

The customer is entitled to stop the consultation at any time, if he does not recognize himself at all in the remarks Alain JUMEL.

Alain JUMEL refrains from keeping the transcript of the consultation.

Alain JUMEL refrains from influencing customers in their personal or professional choices.

Alain JUMEL refrains from abusing the confidence and/or the weakness of a customer in particular in situation of moral distress.

Alain JUMEL refrains from obtaining an advantage or a service by fraudulent maneuvers.

Alain JUMEL refrains from having any behavior which can be analyzed in a blackmail or a threat.

Alain JUMEL refrains from making misleading publicity or from referring to a publicity which is not in conformity with the truth.

Alain JUMEL commits himself respecting the professional secrecy and the rules of confidentiality applicable to the people likely to receive a confidence. Except in cases where he is obliged to do so by law, he can in no case reveal, report or disclose comments made during a consultation without preserving the anonymity of the client.

Application of French law

As the Internet is by nature a worldwide network, but this Site is intended for a French audience, the rules applicable to all content and all data transmissions on and around the Site are determined by French law. In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

Mention CNIL

The personal information that you will be brought to provide on the site are transmitted only to the publisher.

We inform you that this data may be used by the publisher, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, for direct canvassing to offer you similar products or services.

In accordance with the provisions of the law called "informatique et liberté" of January 6, 1978, as amended by the law of August 6, 2004, the processing of your data may give rise to the exercise of the right of access and rectification as well as the right to object on legitimate grounds, by contacting the publisher of the said Site or by sending a letter to the address defined above.

A "cookie" may be created during your use of the Site. It does not allow us to identify you. On the other hand, it records information relating to your computer's browsing on our site (the pages you consulted, the date and time of consultation, etc...) that we will be able to read during your subsequent visits.

We inform you that you can oppose the recording of "cookies" by configuring your Internet browser, but we draw your attention to the fact that certain personalized services require the user to accept cookies. If the browser is configured to refuse them, access to these services may be altered or even impossible.

Force Majeure or fortuitous

Alain JUMEL is released from any responsibility for any failure to meet its obligations in the event of a force majeure or fortuitous type disaster, fire, internal or external strike, failure or computer failure, and in general any event that does not allow the proper execution of consultations.

Alain JUMEL does not guarantee that the attack of a computer virus cannot damage or render inaccessible the website.