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  • Letting go


    Hello everyone,

    Today I'm going to share with you what I think of letting go



    What is letting go and how do you get there?

     Letting go means:




    Letting go, this word is on everyone's lips and has become very fashionable in recent years, but you may say to me, not so easy to put it into practice, and I would answer, it's not impossible either.

    So, letting go as its name suggests, consists in freeing oneself from false beliefs, limiting beliefs, toxic, negative thoughts etc..... the latter, have been transmitted to us by adults, our parents, our entourage without forgetting also by our experiences.

    Often or should I say all the time we focus and pay too much attention to events, situations, thoughts, social behavior that affect us and hurt us, when in reality we should not pay attention to them. To let go is to know and to be able to free oneself

    from guilt, (By the way and as a reminder, "we are not guilty, we are responsible", that is what it is done and said), from remorsefulness, from negative thoughts, from worries arising from problems that are not really problems and that should not affect us so much.


    We are UNIQUE beings, let's stop behaving like stereotyped beings and constantly living for others, wanting to satisfy them in order to be appreciated by all and to do so, we show ourselves a false image (ILLUSION) that is not really who we are, a kind of disguise that we wear to please.


    The only way to let go is to get rid of this shell, this disguise lay yourself bare, and simply BE YOURSELF, (not to be confused with BEING and SEEMING if you see what I mean) without worrying about the opinions of others or what people will think of us.

    We are what we are, so why lie to others, and above all why lie to oneself because this disguise once removed, only our true self remains.

    Remember, we are what we think, so let's think positively.


    To let go is to free oneself from fears, from wounds, to let go of the idea that we can change the other because he does not meet our expectations.

    Letting go is not just like everyone else thinks, to give up, letting go has nothing to do with being aloof, letting go is to be able to lighten up and finally heal our old patterns, cellular memories etc....

    When we let go we do not force anymore, we do not try to control anymore

    and so one can direct one’s creativity and energy towards other more emotionally nourishing goals.


    Letting go requires a deep sense of self-worth and a lot of work to be done. It is knowing how to accept the difficulties of life that present themselves to us, when I say, difficulties, I should rather use the words opportunities, events to be able to transmute all this into positivity, there is no good or bad experience (duality, mind ego etc...), there are experiences that make us grow.

    You receive unpleasant news, a bill to pay, taxes, failed exams etc... or someone is angry with you for any reason?  Instead of suffering from it, try to transform these events into positive ones and make them a force to grow.

    This behavior is one of the keys to letting go, and in the long run will give you great mental satisfaction but above all freedom, the freedom of Being.


    to conclude

    When we forgive, we heal

    As a reminder, self-forgiveness or forgiveness is not forgetting. To forgive refers to the idea of freeing oneself from any negative emotion, from any negative thought, from any negative energy that one carries within oneself, towards oneself or towards others, it is just, to free oneself without necessarily forgetting.

    When we let go, we grow up